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Our mission is to help your company achieve tangible business results today, while elevating business knowledge to leverage tomorrow’s technology.

Tactical Strategy Group Inc

Most IT transformation work has devolved into technical architecture transformation, the bottom path of what Tactical Strategy Group, Inc.  has framed as the “Rainbow Model”. The Rainbow Model suggests that the architecture transformation journey delivers more business value when it travels positions all IT transformation work from a business, versus a technology, perspective. Stand-alone IT transformation can easily run into 10’s or 100’s of millions of dollars and typically devoid of business perspective and business value. TSG’s business/IT transformation practice positions IT investments from a business-driven, not a technology-driven, perspective. As part of this practice, TSG provides the following services.

  • Educate the business in how to frame IT investments from a business-driven perspective
  • Introduce the business/IT transformation framework™ into the discussion of IT investment planning
  • Help establish a baseline business architecture as a basis for framing business strategy and related requirements
  • Demonstrate how to reposition the role of the business in end-to-end solution, initiative and investment framing
  • For businesses already moving down the business-driven IT transformation path, assess the maturity of those efforts and recommend ways to mature the practice


Our Services

TSG views business architecture as a fundamental aspect of business-driven, IT transformation and helps organizations establish a business architecture to enable a wide range of business scenarios. TSG views business architecture as a strategic discipline that predates and precedes any given strategic objective definition, product planning, or initiative framing effort. As part of this practice, TSG provides the following services.

  • Communicate the value proposition and need for business architecture
  • Assist with defining business ecosystem scope
  • Mentor efforts to establish and extend a foundational business architecture
  • Provide guidance for applying business architecture to a variety of business transformation scenarios
  • Help frame business architecture’s role in business-driven IT transformation planning and deployment efforts.

Business / IT Transformation Planning & Mentoring

Strategic Business Architecture Deployment