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6th Annual Business Architecture Innovation Summit and Worlshop, March 20 - 22, 2018

Bright talk webinar: Gateway to Business Transformation

The Business Architecture Guild® and Object Management Group® (OMG®) are pleased to present the sixth annual Business Architecture Innovation Summit in Reston, VA on March 20-21, 2018. This premier event features business practitioners and experts from around the world who will share a range of experiences from a cross-section of industries such as financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, software, retail, and government.

The inability to track customers, partners, accounts, agreements, and policies across complex business ecosystems triggers compliance failures and crisis management challenges that degrade brand value, undermine investor confidence, and chip away at consumer loyalty. Executives have found that efforts to address these shortcomings are more time consuming, error prone, and expensive than they could have imagine. Ironically, these same executives either refuse to sponsor business architecture efforts or are forcing business architecture proponents to “prove” its value on small scale, narrowly defined initiatives. This BrightTALK discusses crisis response challenges at a major financial institution and the role business architecture should play in addressing a variety of related scenarios across a multitude of industry sectors. Recorded Apr 13 2017 60 mins

Business Architecture Associates is pleased to offer 5 days of training courses, available to the public as an à la carte offering for individuals, as a 4-½ day package for individuals, and as 4-½ day corporate package for up to 3  employees with the option to add additional attendees. 

William Ulrich and Whynde Kuehn of Business Architecture Associates are delighted to return to London for business architecture training. The continued growth and appreciation of business architecture practice seen in UK government and commercial enterprises, makes the UK a very exciting location to deliver advanced business architecture training that reflects industry standard practice. The training will occur in an unique and historic training facility in the heart of London's financial district.

Bright Talk Webinar: Why Business Architecture Now, Not Later? A Lesson from Crisis Management

Business Architecture Training
February 19 -23, 2018
London, UK

Business architecture has emerged as the essential vehicle to enable and enrich business transformation. Whether the focus is on shifting to a customer-centered business model, realigning business units to achieve new innovative strategies, or digitizing the business ecosystem, business architecture remains at the foundation of the transformative paradigm. This session will outline the role of business architecture in business transformation and walk through an approach that leverages stakeholder value-driven, capability-centered perspectives to envision and transform the business ecosystem as a whole.

Business Architecture Training
April 9 -13, 2018
Rancho Cordova, CA