• William Ulrich - MITCDOIQ 2014 - the CUBE
    William Ulrich, TSG Inc, at MITCDOIQ 2014 with Dave Vellante and Paul Gillin

  • Cutter Consortium has published a 6-part Executive Update series by  William Ulrich on Business Architecture. In the piece, Business Architecture – Why it Matters to Business Executives, William very clearly lays out just how business architecture benefits the business and why business executives need to sponsor business architecture creation and use. If you’re even thinking about stringing the words “business” and “architecture” together, you should read this (and pass it along to your business partners!). William discusses how organizations are shifting planning, strategic roadmaps and funding models to a business-based approach through business architecture. Additional topics include capability and value stream mapping, the use of business architecture in business/IT transformation, and how to use business architecture to align collaborative project and agile deployment teams. 
  • Interview with William Urich on Modernization Download of chapter 15 available
  • Bob Rhubart of Archbeat interviews William Ulrich And Neal               McWhorter about their new book

  • Modernization Information Warehouse interviews William Ulrich and Philip Newcomb. Listen here. 
  • Mary E. Shacklett of Mainframe Executive Magazine interviews William Ulrich: “The Case for Application Modernization” Interview with William Urich on Modernization A download of Chapter 15 is available
  • Article on the future of the mainfraime and Web Services - includes interview with William Ulrich

  • William M. Ulrich Heartbeat of America Interview
    This interview was held in October 2005 on the topic of systems modernization. At the end of the interview Mr. Ulrich was given the "Keeping America Strong" Award for his work on systems modernization.
    Click below to view the three-part interview