TSG, INC. (Tactical Strategy Group, Inc.) is a management consulting firm, located in Soquel, California, just off the coast of the Monterey Bay. TSG, INC. has been providing clients with solutions to their business challenges for over 20 years. William M. Ulrich founded TSG, INC. in 1990 and continues to ensure the company’s dedication to its clients. With over 30 years in the information management field, Mr. Ulrich is widely viewed as a leading authority within the IT industry.Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies, and consulting firms have sought the advice of TSG, INC. In addition, TSG, INC. has provided invaluable assistance to start-up companies, solution providers and litigation firms. TSG, INC.  has provided consulting services to over one hundred clients in multiple industry sectors including:

William Ulrich is a strategic planning consultant who provides business and IT advisory and mentoring services. He has written several books, published hundreds of articles and papers, and has worked with numerous large corporations and government agencies. Mr. Ulrich participates in various industry events and is a featured speaker at many of these events. He is Cofounder of the Business Architecture Guild, the Co-Chair of the OMG Architecture-Driven Modernization Task Force, Partner of Business Architecture Associates, and a Cutter Consortium Fellow.  A cross-section of Mr. Ulrich’s background and experience is listed on the right. For complete bio click here.

Since 1990, TSG, INC.has provided consulting services to over 100 clients in multiple industry sectors including:e:

  • Financial (e.g. American Express, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo,)
  • Insurance (e.g. Allstate, State Farm, Nationwide, AFLAC, Aetna)  
  • Healthcare (e.g. Mayo Clinic, Abbott, Baxter, Blue Crosses) 
  • Manufacturing  (e.g.  GM, Ford, United Technologies)
  • Government (e.g. IRS, GSA, Federal Government of Canada)
  • Technology (e.g. IBM, Unisys, HP, Compuware,  ASG)

A cross-section of Mr Ulrich's background and experience is listed below:

Business Architecture

  • Author: Business Architecture (MK Press) (2010)
  • Co-Chair, OMG Business Architecture Special Interest Group
  • Founder, Business Architecture Guild
  • Editorial Director, Business Architecture Institute
  • Adviser to Enterprise Architecture Advisory Board at Penn State

Architecture-Driven Modernization
  • Author:  Information Systems Transformation (MK Elsevier) (2010)
  • Author:  Legacy Systems Transformation Strategies (Prentice Hall) (2002)
  • Author:  TSRM, IT transformation methodology
  • Alpha tested first commercially available collective modernization solutions in 1980
  • Awarded Keeping America Strong Award (2005)
  • Additional Background
  • KPMG (1983-1989): Last position: Director, Reengineering Strategies
  • Northeastern Illinois University - University Instructor (1980-1983)
  • Litigation Consultant / Expert Witness 
  • In computer field since 1978 - in consulting field since 1980