WIlliam M. Ulrich

William M. Ulrich is President of TSG, INC., a management consulting firm that specializes in business and IT planning and ..


Our philosophy is to ensure that TSG, INC. clients can not only achieve their goals but gain the knowledge, insights  and skills required to drive and sustain new solutions into the future.

TSG, INC. and founder William M. Ulrich have been helping businesses find solutions to their problems since 1990. ....

About TSG, INC.

  • Building a Business Architecture
  • Practice-Based Business Architecture
  • Business Architecture/IT Architecture Alignment
We specialize in Business / IT Alignment, Business Architecture and Architecture-Driven Modernization. Typical clients include Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies at the federal, state andblocal level, financial institutions and investors, software vendors, start-up companies, and companies that require expert assistance and analysis. 


What We Do

September 15 - 16

Business Architecture Innovation Workshop



     Business and IT Management Consulting
Contact us to discover how we can help your company achieve tangible business results today, while elevating business to
leverage tomorrow’s technology. Our unique focus is based on providing the training and mentoring necessary for organizations to deploy solutions while growing internal leadership and collaborative skills